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Z. Stylar: “The title of my debut Japanese CD is”STREET SYMPHONY”. I’m presenting it as a musical work of art with rnb/hip-hop/street sensibilities. I signed with Clutch Records/Juicy Studios here in Nagoya. It’s a small indie label  with producers from EMI,  and they have worked with many famous Japanese artists such as AK69, and more.

I’m a young black guy doing Japanese music, so I often get the “you look like Jero” comment, and for a long time I was torn whether to do English or Japanese music.This CD is 7 songs in Japanese,  1 in English.

My Nijongo on the disc is pretty good, and my producers all backed me and motivated me to get these songs out, because they thought I have a place in the Japanese music market with these songs. The album is being received well, rave reviews/reception of the songs in concert too. I expect to get noticed, whatever tiny amount, and just help to internationalize Japan a bit more, thru music. Maybe also inspire other musicians to learn Nijongo while they are here and promote their music. Japanese, English,or whatever language they have fans in, here in Japan.I don’t care what anyone says, people relate better to music in their own language. All music is produced,or co-produced by me, all Japanese lyrics by my Nagoya/Kyushu writing team. I gave them a subject and they “ran” with it. We all have a voice and we all must have dreams. I’m happy with the way this project is progressing. By the time this article is published my new English disc will be out to accompany my Japanese disc. Best wishes to everyone, and don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do something. Make the smart choice and live your dreams.”


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