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People are starting to say Japan needs a revolution. A couple simultaneous revolutions, I’d say. I hope I don’t get in trouble, branded as some kind of ‘trouble maker rabble rouser’ incendiary kind of dude, or something like that. I’m not.

Or Am I.

Politically, Japan has it’s 10th new PM in as many years. 10 prime ministers. 6 in the last 5 years. Seems crazy. Why so much change at the helm? Is it good for the country? Seemed after the 3/11 quake, it was more important for the Japanese government to get rid of Naoto Kan, than it was for them to think of ways to rebuild Tohoku, and how to mitigate the ongoing nuclear disaster that is constantly unfolding there. Then there was the guy in charge of reconstruction who got pissed when the mayor of one of the towns he was supposed to be assisting, didn’t stand up, or didn’t let him enter the room first, or some stupid shit like that. Get real. Japan needs to elect some leaders who give a shit about the country and the people and their relation to the rest of the world. To some kind of growth and direction and identity for Japan. Instead, all them dudes sit around in their offices in Tokyo trying to figure out ways to keep their little jobs, and how to stab other dudes in the back, politely. Stupid. Find some ideology for your country and your people dudes, Japan needs that Right About Now…

Econonically, Japan holds the world’s largest National Debt. Larger, even, than the sick and dying mighty U S of A. This debt is crippling Japan’s ability to get things done. To fund and finance cool, new, interesting, useful projects. Unemployment is low, like around 4 or 5 percent, but still, people need new jobs, and a sense that something positive is happening with the economy. Again, this comes from top down, but It can also come from bottom up. Entrepreneurship is something Japanese authorities, teachers, leaders, etc, should all put more support into. People here need to be taught that they themselves can have good ideas, act on them, and the government and structural codes in place in society will support them.  Inefficiency is rampant here. There are half a dozen people standing in front of me at the local MOS BURGER, all of them wanting to take my order. There’s another half a dozen of them cleaning the tables, and about 5 more cooking up my fish sandwich. One cooks, another puts on the mayo, another puts on the cheese, another wraps it, come on, I’m sure these folks all have a few good ideas of their own, but society and the powers that be here frown upon people trying to do anything ‘out of the ordinary’, that whole culture of “the nail that sticks up gets hammered down”, is causing this whole beautiful island of people to NOT dream, not think for themselves, not TRY ANYTHING AT ALL, the economy is suffering because of it directly. People need to start opening lemonade stands all across this archipelago. Make it happen – Right About Now..

Socially, seems things are on the upswing. I’m seeing lots and lots of new Japanese faces on my FACEBOOK page, which is very cool. Took a while for FB to become popular here, and though FB isn’t the end all be all guage of how people are linking up, it is a pretty good tool for promotion and seeing/hearing/keeping in touch with anyone you know, or would like to know. Three Cheers for FB, I think it’s a wonderful tool. You on our page? RAN MAGAZINE—–

Also, we’ve had several cool events—(Shouts to the COOL SUMMER BBQ and COOL SEPTEMBER BBQ FAM)—where there was a super dope mix of international people, families, kids, food and fun. Seems there’s an ongoing opening of the minds of lots of people here towards mixing and mingling. Getting out, being seen, meeting people, doing things. WE LOVE YOU GUYS!!! There are parties and events and concerts and shows and places to GO DO SEE EAT PLAY all over the place. We’re REALLY GLAD ABOUT THIS ONE!!! We’re glad groups like STEREOPHONIC, BIO, DJs like PAULO and GHOST WILLY, bands like THE MICHAEL WADE BAND, MDG, and GHOST OF MATSUBARA are here. WE LOVE YOU GUYS TOO. Check them out at OCTOBERFEST this coming  October 16th in TSURUMAI KOEN. Shooters provides the food and refreshments.

We’re still trying to build a COMMUNITY here in Nagoya, and eventually, across the world. Sometimes you try to do something, you don’t know exactly how you’re going to do it, you just know you’re going to do it. You give it your energy, you work for it, you try to let people know about it. That’s what we’re trying to do. The community is already in existence, it’s just a matter of spreading the word, which is exactly what we’re trying to do with RAN. People with good ideas, people who want to get involved, people doing/making/saying SOMETHING GOOD.


There, we’ll feature the music, art, events, people, places, faces shows and vibe that you’ve come to expect from RAN MAGAZINE.

It’ll be interactive, so you can comment and tell us what’s on your mind, tell us about your event, we’ll link it with FACEBOOK and that stuff, for you to be up on it. Check it out. Go there Right About Now..

Japan needs new leadership. That leadership is you, us, we. But it isn’t only Japan that needs new leaders, thinkers, creators, inventors, visionaries, it’s the Whole World. Make your thing, if no where else, we’ll show it in RAN, that’s what we’re trying to do, at RAN, we’re committed to empowering our readers towards them becoming creators and building our community around that concept.

We’ve got an idea. You got one? Let us KNOW. Let EVERYONE Know.

Shouts to the RAN STAFF –Adam, Achim, Adrien, Yuko—again– for coming up with another stellar issue packed with color, insight, action and culture. Shouts to those who contributed, EJP, Jeff Johnston, Mark Lavers, Mark Cambpell—Shouts to our advertisers and our readers.

It’s my birthday this month. October 25th, holla at me if you see me. Three Cheers and One Love.





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