What to Read About Japan and Why

BY EJP April 15th, 2013 • 0 COMMENTS

Japan isn’t always an easy place to understand. Sometimes, for the innocent and unknowing foreigner, it can seem all but impossible. What he needs is knowledge, and prodigious reading can only help. So, at the risk of sounding pedantic, I offer here a list of books that I think ...

Island Beef

BY Aaron Krall February 1st, 2013 • 0 COMMENTS

Written by Aaron Krall Japan is my second foster-country in a row to be involved in a dispute over an island. That seems strange upon first glance, but it makes perfect sense when one learns that a.) every country in Asia is involved in an argument over an island, and b.) th ...

Good Reads

BY webmaster October 6th, 2011 • 0 COMMENTS

In the idyllic days of post-bubble Japan, before the streets of Nagoya were overrun by hairy barbarians from the west, a tiny English publication was just getting its legs. The publication that would later become the nationally distributed juggernaut known as Japanzine, then call ...