A Breath of Fresh Air

BY Ian Roth January 18th, 2013 • 0 COMMENTS

By Ian Roth After years of being trapped in gyms, defined by fads, and motivated by profits, fitness is undergoing a renaissance in the form of street workouts and a return to old school calisthenics.  These can include any exercise involving the manipulation of bodyweight wit ...

Thomas Staley – The Interview – Part II

BY Ian Roth November 6th, 2012 • 0 COMMENTS

Interview by Ian Roth. Photography by Alex Sanchez I:  Tell us about the last year. T:  I got a contract in December to fight Minowaman.  He’s a Pride fighter, a Japanese hero.  He’s fought  Rampage Jackson, Wanderlei Silva, Bob Sapp, Mark Hunt….  I’m a big fan of his.  I k ...


BY Trevor David October 31st, 2012 • 0 COMMENTS

Interview by tdhouchen How long have you been in Nagoya, Matt? I first came to Nagoya as an exchange student back in 2005, and though I've moved around quite a bit since then, I've stayed in the general area for the past seven years. My university back in the US only had one e ...

Nothing to Hide

BY Trevor David April 3rd, 2012 • 0 COMMENTS

Ooh Baby Baby It’s A Wild World.. Fragile. Strong. Beautiful. Exotic. Mysterious. Alluring. Broken. Sensual. Feisty. Honest. Dangerous. Elusive. Vulnerable. Natsuki Kishi, ‘Natsuki Doll’ to her wide coterie of international fans on her Facebook page, is a sometimes erotic nu ...