Live Your Dreams

BY Trevor David May 3rd, 2013 • 0 COMMENTS

Z. Stylar: "The title of my debut Japanese CD is"STREET SYMPHONY". I'm presenting it as a musical work of art with rnb/hip-hop/street sensibilities. I signed with Clutch Records/Juicy Studios here in Nagoya. It's a small indie label  with producers from EMI,  and they have worked ...

Bad Man Forward! Bad Man Pull Up!

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  Some of the best images of my time here in Nagoya are memories of hot club nights  surrounded by droves of ecstatic Japanese girls swaying to the tropical sounds of booming reggae music. Used to be a time when almost every Nagoya dance club  featured dancehall reggae mu ...

CJTainement ~ It’s My World ~ You only Listen to it!”

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1. Where are you from originally? Zimbabwe – the Southern part of Africa. 2. When/why did you come to Nagoya? I came to Nagoya 2 years ago in pursuit of a new beginning. I had only experienced the beauty of Japan through documentaries on local TV and I found the culture reall ...

Underground Explosion

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by Luke Stoltenberg Where I grew up there was nil to do, lest you enjoyed rugby or drinking. Fortunately I excelled at one of these things, but as a musician I was always longing to be surrounded by like-minded people. Having lived in such a place for 6 years now, occasionally ...